About Sovereign God Ministries

Sovereign God Ministries is an independent preaching, teaching, and publishing  ministry:  for the exposition of scripture; for the edification of the saints; for the humbling of man’s pride; and for the promotion of a biblical world view; all for and only for the ultimate purpose of all things – The Glory of God

This blog contains articles mostly of a religious nature.  The theology represented hear can be described as:

– Baptistic 

– Reformed

– Amillenial

– Partial Preterist

– Covenant

I hope you find my posts both informative and challenging.  I ask only one thing of you – THINK about these things.  Your theology IS your world-view.  Theology is the filter through which every other thought passes. 


2 Responses to “About Sovereign God Ministries”

  1. Matise Mosoane Says:

    i learn move especially of sovereign God is ministry that God call me

  2. Matise Mosoane Says:

    i learn more in sovereign God as name of my ministry

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