About Me

My name is Joel.  I live in New Jersey but I am originally from Florida.  I work for the Air Force Reserves as an Education and Training Manager. 

 I am a distance education student at a Sterling College (online) of Sterling, Kansas, which is associated with the Presbyterian Church in the USA (PCUSA).  However, I am conservative and I do not endorse any of the liberal PCUSA positions.  Although I am a Baptist and I don’t believe in baptizing infants, I am considering becoming a Presbyterian because I believe that Presbyterian teachings on many other issues are closer to the Bible’s prescription.

I am a long time student of the Bible, but about five years ago I became a serious student of theology.  The study of the theology of the reformers (Luther, Calvin, et al.) and Baptist fathers (Keach, Gill, Spurgeon, et al.) has drastically changed my view of salvation and the covenants as the Bible describes them.

I hope you find my posts both informative and challenging.  I ask only one thing of you – THINK about these things.  Your theology IS your world-view.  Theology is the filter through which every other thought passes.


5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Mary Says:

    Dear Joe.,

    I would love to find a church that is not postmodern. We have been hurt, disillusioned, and betrayed by Pastors and leaders in the emergent movement.
    The Church we are attending now the pastor is a gossiper, a confidence betrayer, and has said that if Judas didn’t commit suicide he would be in heaven because he believed Judas repented. I’m tired of the crazy videos of leaders reporting the happenings in the church geared towards entertaining the congregation. I’m tired of the skits that are not uplifting and are contextualizing scripture on stage. I’m tired of the repetitious of songs and stanzas that are not that good to start with. I’m tired of the churches tithing all going towards those that are unchurched and the church body itself is in great need of support, help, encouragement, and just basic knowledge of the Bible.
    I’m tired of Bible studies where no one will do a lesson, people just want to sit around and teach each other with their own interpretations and experiences. I’m tired of the Churches, youth camps, christian schools playing Rob Bells Nooma videos that teach SILENCE which is what is needed to get in altered states, practice yoga, divination, contemplative prayer and the likes.

    Do you get my point? I’m in my 40’s, married for 20 years, and have three daughters. What does the church have to offer them? Our country soon will be an North American Country instead of the U.S. We will have the Amero instead of the Dollar, we will most likely have a one world religion soon too. But in the meantime what do we do? Where do we go? What about our kids?

  2. David Pyle Says:

    Hello Joel,

    I too gravitate toward the conservative/orthodox Presbyterian position because I believe it is very true to the Word of God.

    It has been challenging for me to continue as a member of an independent Bible church. Although our church doctrinal statement affirms the Doctrines of Grace, it also affirms that there there are 2 peoples of God (Israel and the Church) with two different plans of God, and that after the Lord returns, sin will continue to exist till the end of a thousand year earthly kingdom period with a physical temple rebuilt, etc.. Our church doctrinal statement mirrors the doctrinal statement of John Mac Arthur’s Grace Community Church.

    I see that I’m not on the same page with my brothers at church when it comes to ecclesiology and eschatology. Any thoughts on this situation?

    What has your home church experience been like?


  3. David Pyle Says:

    Dear Mary,

    All hope is in Christ our King. His kingdom is unstoppable! There are still churches that hold fast to the Truth. Remember Elijah when he was so discouraged? The Lord told Elijah that He had kept 7,000 who had not bowed the knee to Baal.



  4. MikeD Says:


    A friend referred me to your site and I look forward to viewing more entries. Thanks for your diligence and commitment to the scriptures. I’m not sure if you are still teetering on credo vs paedo baptism. I’d encourage you to check out a book by Pascal Denault on the Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant theology. Sam Renihan will have a work coming out soon on the covenants that while not primarily about baptism will entail a credo baptist position on that sacrament. Anyhow, keep up the insistence on good reasoning. Perhaps I’m showing my cards too much here but I’d encourage you, if you havent yet, to check out some of the MP3s at the Trinity Foundation by Gordon Clark and John Robbins.

    Here’s a link that may interest you: http://www.1689federalism.com/

    Good day to you!


    • Joel Says:

      Mike I do regret burying your comment when I received it and forgot to approve it. Thank you for the references on Baptism, I will check those out when I get a chance. I have visited the Trinity Foundation web site many times and found it very helpful on a variety of issues. Robbins’ harsh tone sometimes turns me off, but I am apt to have the same tone, so I’m not judging. Keep following. I’m going to start posting some new articles soon, I promise. If I could write posts in the morning, I would post one every day, because that’s when my mind is fresh and boiling with thoughts. But alas, my work takes me elsewhere until evening when I’m burnt out.

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