Pray for Me

Although I’ve all but abandoned this site, it continues to receive a dozen or so visits per day.  In view of this, I ask you visitors to pray with me in finding or establishing a church in which to fellowship.  Over time we became exhausted of searching for a place that would be right for us and now we’ve become just plain lazy about it.  Once my conscience has been cleared on that issue, I believe I can get back to posting comments in the Lord’s liberty.  Thank you.  Joel.


2 Responses to “Pray for Me”

  1. Jacque Says:

    You have prepared such beautiful work that brings knowledge to so many who probably stumble across this site through a Google Search. You are a well-lit beacon. Sometimes we can have fellowship with others, sometimes we can’t. The devil looks for all kinds of ways to disrupt our paths. My Great-Granny used to say, “The Lord has planted you. Bloom where you are. If you’re not supposed to be there, He’ll move you again.” I don’t think you’re being lazy. I think the Lord has 3 answers: Yes, No, and Wait. You might be in “wait-mode” … …”sit right here while I get something even better ready for you…”. Take a deep breath and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with encouragement. You are needed and you have much to contribute. Peace.

    • Joel Says:

      Jacque, I regret that your comment has sat in my inbox for 5 months without being approved. I used to received emails whenever there is a comment on my blog but for some reason WordPress stopped sending them and so I didn’t know I had any responses to my post sitting out there.

      Anyway, thank you for the encouragement. Today my daughter visited a church and brought back a good report and so we are probably going to visit as a family next Sunday. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. God bless.

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