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Family Integrated Worship

August 9, 2011

Family Integrated Worship is a movement that is beginning to have far-reaching effects on the modern church.  It is a much-needed corrective to the overly specialized church ministries that divides families into various target audiences – most notably these division are along the lines of age group.

Among the Primitive Baptists, of whom I have gained much interest in lately, the practice of divided worship is unheard of.  They rigorously avoid modern man-made man-centered inventions, staying strictly to the biblical model of worship:  Singing, Praying, and Preaching.

But many Christians are not satisfied with the biblical model.  It isn’t interesting, it isn’t materially rewarding, it doesn’t make us feel good – so we change it to please, not God, but ourselves.

The Bible assigns the responsibility for “youth ministry” to parents, not to the gathered church.  But it has been so easy for us to shove this holy calling off onto pastors or Sunday School teachers.

An important leader of the Family Integrated Worship movement is Brother Voddie Baucham.  His status as an African-American conservative leading a Bible-Based ministry makes his message one of the most important in our country.  More than ever we need men like Voddie to stand up and be the Godly model that so many young men need.

Recently a movie was released documenting a Youth Pastor’s epiphany in regards to modern church methods.  I highly recommend it.   It can be viewed for free here.

Learn more about Voddie Baucham here, and here.