Executive Orders and Abortion

When Bill Clinton was the President of the United States, he issued an executive order which provided funding for abortions in certain underdeveloped foreign countries.  When George W. Bush was elected, he immediately issued an Executive Order rescinding Clinton’s Executive Order.  In all this talk about President-Elect Obama “reviewing” the Bush Executive Orders, I can’t help but wonder if that particular one is being targeted for a renewal of the funding of abortions.

It will be interesting – no, heart-wrenching – to see how Obama’s anti-birth agenda plays out. 

I realize that perhaps I and others like me are fighting a futile battle.  Americans that are not outright pro-abortion have in large part become indifferent to the cause.  We are worn down from losing ground with every compromise made by our “conservative” politicians.  President W. Bush tried to turn liberals into friends and they burned him.  In compromising with liberals, he forsook his conservative base.  The Republican Party left us with no one to vote for.  We could either vote for a liberal, or a liberal – choose one.

The average American does not support abortion on demand, welfare for the lazy, gun control, and any number of other liberal positions.  The liberals in both major parties are well aware of this, and play a master political chess game in getting unpopular policies passed into law time and time again.  The giant federal bailout bill stands as the clear example of the unity of the two parties in doing that which the American people do not support.  And the federal bail-out pig trough is so sweet that word is getting around – now the automobile manufacturers want their share of the pig slop.  Just keep dipping into federal funds – why not?  They can print the money at will, or they can raise taxes at will (which is really what printing money is – a tax increase).

So how long are we average American going to take it on the chin before we stand up?  Every time a political candidate begins to move in our direction, the big new media outlets label them “populists” (which is supposed to be some demonic being although I don’t know exactly why), and if they get to popular, they destroy them by finding some misdeed in their past to embarrass them into withdrawal, or draw them into alliances that betray them, or they just make up lies about them and repeat them over and over until the people are duped.

Ronald Reagan was the most popular president since FDR, and it just grinds the belly of the big media to admit it.  Reagan was not a compromiser.  His message was, “here’s what the people want – let’s get to it.”  He never said, “I have to make friends with my enemies.” 

It appears that the conservative battle is lost.  Not just the battle, but the war.  We have no candidate.  But let us pray that God may yet send us a Josiah to overthrow the sodomites and false gods.


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