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Sarah Palin Delivers a Delimma for Christian Conservatives

September 6, 2008

Who wasn’t impressed with Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention?  WOW, what a gal!

But the spectacular blooming of this new political powerhouse presents an uneasy situation for those of us that believe in traditional values and Biblical Christian Womanhood.

First of all, consider the implications of a wife and mother of several young children coming to such a position of responsibility and power.  What does this say about the role of the husband in the home?  Will she be able to fulfill the needs of her family – especially if she is pressed into the presidency itself?  Will the young children have to turn to a stranger for the motherly nurturing they need?  Is this the role model we really want for our daughters? 

Now don’t get me wrong – if my own daughter were to rise to the level of public acclaim that Mrs. Palin has, I would be very proud of her.  However, I am equally as proud of her as a longsuffering wife and mother.  But if she were to be negligent in her wifely and motherly duties for the sake of political, social, or financial gain, it would bring sorrow to my heart.

And just how many young women are looking to Sarah Palin as a role model?  Millions would be my guess.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to steer our little girls and young women into traditional roles, and public figures like Mrs. Palin is not making the task any easier. 

The actions of public people have always been held to a higher standard, if for no other reason than the fact that whatever shortcoming they have will be mimicked, multiplied, and expanded by the young on-lookers in this world.  But unfortunately, to the postmodern cynic, holding public officials to a higher standard has become one of the backwater superstitions of a bygone era.  Let us pray that this trend will not hold.

I wish Sarah Palin well and if she is elected, I’m sure she will be a fine vice president or even president if called up.  Her committment to the right to life is highly commendable – a committment she has put into action by bringing forth a special-needs child of her own, and the pregnancy of her teenage daughter – a pregnancy which could have easily been swept away to avoid the public embarassment.  So we believe that she has been blessed and will yet be blessed in her stand for life.  But let us also proceed with caution.