What Does “Sovereign God” Mean?

“Sovereign God” represents our view of who God is.  God is the Sovereign of the Universe.  He is not weak and effeminate.  He does not seek permission from man to execute his will.  He has no obligations to man whatsoever.  No one can say to Him “what doest thou?”  He does as He pleases.  He doesn’t just know the future, but He has in fact decreed the future.  Nothing can happen that He has not determined, from the dropping of one hair from my head, to the Grand Finally of the world.  God can save whom He wishes to save, and damn those He wishes to damn.  Man can not be saved unless God saves him, and if he is saved, he is saved on God’s terms and in God’s time.  Man can not command God’s Spirit to indwell him, and neither can man resist, though he may try, the determined power of God’s Spirit coming in to the heart.  God leaves nothing to chance.  God saves those He loves without any possibility of failure, and those He does not favor, He leaves in sin to their own desires.  Whatever God does is good – because He is God.  God is answerable only to God and none other – neither man, nor angels, nor gods, nor creation, nor philosophy, nor futility can make Him accountable to them.  God is justified in condemning sinners, and infinitely merciful in saving some of them.  But He is not obligated to save one of them.  If God let the entire human race go to Hell, He would be justified.  It is because of man’s wicked pride that he demands his own notion of “fairness” from the Creator of creatures.  Some people have said, “I will not serve a God like that.”  But that is the God you are serving, whether you want to or not.  Man’s effort to make God into a controllable, subservient, subordinate, frustrated, weepy-eyed, genie in a bottle is futile.  God has determined the end from the beginning, and everything in between the end and the beginning is merely the means by which He has predetermined to execute His sovereign will.

The knowledge of God’s Sovereignty should frighten us.  I know that it is not popular today to fear God, but that’s exactly what the Bible tells us to do – FEAR GOD.  We imagine Him to be our homeboy, a dude, our pal, a good-ole-boy that likes us just the way we are.  But nothing could be farther from the truth.  God is Holy.  God is the Almighty.  Jesus is the Lord God Omnipotent.  He demands of us a life of repentance and faith.  Let us fear, lest any of us should seem to come short of it.  We must not live in a high-minded conceit, trusting in some shallow profession of faith; but we must earnestly seek assurance that God has favored us with new birth, shedding the love of God abroad in our hearts, causing us to love Him and His law, His people, His ways, and His word.  Those of us that have been blessed with the assurance of God’s working in us may bask in the sweetness of His love, and we may glorify Him, being the objects of His unmerited favor, having nothing in ourselves by which we may boast.  But for those have no working of God in their souls, tribulation, wrath, and vengeance to every creature that loves not God.  Cry against Him, curse Him, defy Him, all unbelievers – and you will build your indictment and seal your judgement on that terrible day!

Soli Deo Gloria!  To God Be The Glory!



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7 Responses to “What Does “Sovereign God” Mean?”

  1. Michael Eden Says:

    Joel, thanks for your encouragement on my new blog. I appreciated it.

    There is a well-known two-step theology:
    1) There is a God
    2) I am not Him.

    If Jesus suddenly appeared we would be ducking for cover and crying over how we lived our lives. Look what happened when he appeared to John in Revelation!

    When we bow the knee and submit our will to our Creator-God, we begin to find in Him the most gracious, loving, awesome Master one could ever imagine.

    Enjoyed your article. Will come back soon!

  2. Michael Says:

    I seem to be at a turning point in my life. Problems with drug addiction and complete hopelessness.I am trying to have a relation with God but I feel like I do not deseve it. I am trying and want to do the next right thing but am falling way short. After reading this…well I just get so confused. I will keep trying to find the truth. There is good in me I know that. I was made in his image so there has to be good in that. I need to surrender to his will. I just have to stop taking back my own will. “God please give me the willingness to seek your will”. Please forgive me.

    • Joel Says:

      Michael: I’m not sure about the source of your confusion that you confess to, nor do I understand why you are “trying” to find the truth. God is Truth, and His word is true. Stop looking elsewhere for it. Settle on it. If you desire to know God and His forgiveness, you can be assured that you have that desire by the Spirit of God working in you. Trust Him. But by all means, do keep seeking knowledge, growing in the grace of Jesus Christ. There are many voices in the world saying, “Follow me”. Stick to the Bible and and those that are true to it, and YOU WILL GROW.

  3. henrik axelsson Says:

    “nothing can happened that he has not determined” you say. so you think it is Gods will that innocent animals suffer for example?
    its got to be for the lack of christians and others to care for the farmers or simply because the farmers have a free will to treat their animals good or bad. thats why they are suffering. because god gives us a free will to choose to serve him or not. in the great scheme of things, god has already prophecied what will happen, but in the smaller day to day events it up to us, i beleive.

    • Joel Says:

      o Henrik, thank you for your comment. If God allows evil to exist, he allows it to exist only because it serves a greater purpose, and if it indeed serves that greater purpose, it is bound to accomplish that which God has designed. Think about it. For further study, you should look up “Compatibilism” on the internet. I don’t believe in “fate” – fate is blind, unthinking, and unloving – a mere eventual meeting of lines on a trajectory. In a nutshell, compatibilism states that man exercises free will in a limited sense (limited to his desires), and yet in exercising his free will, he unknowingly fulfills that which God has predestined. Observe, for example, the passage which tells us that Christ’s crucifixion was determined by God to happen, yet wicked men freely chose to do that which God had determined:
      “Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain:” (Acts 2:23)
      We don’t always, in fact, rarely do we understand why God allows evil, but in the case of the most evil deed in history, the crucifixion of the innocent Lamb of God, it was God’s way of saving His people from their sins. world unto himself.
      So unlike fate, predestination is the result of a seeing, thinking, loving God, who has Declared “the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:” (Isaiah 46:10). May you be at peace with God’s sovereignty.

    • Tina Griffin Says:

      Henrik I think I get what you are saying and I agree. God knows all but He still gives us the CHOICE to love and follow Him. And Joel, the bible says that God is willing that ALL be saved and that He loves ALL. You make it sound like He only loves a few and only wants to save a few and that is not the case.

  4. jessica Says:

    Thank you for posting!…GOD is truly a Sovereign GOD!!!!…and everything has a reason and a season…good and bad and I thank HIM for both…because HE will never leave us or forsake us…Thank YOU LORD!!!

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